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About Porsche Club Canberra

Porsche Club Canberra was formed in 1979 by founding President, Terry Lovett. The club has operated continuously since that time and is believed to have served more than 1,000 Porsche owners in the Canberra region across the years.


Joining the Club

The Club is always open to members! You can join the club anytime during the year; however, renewal for existing members occurs in November each year. If you join the club in September or October your membership will be automatically carried over to the following financial year. Just head to the Membership Page

Membership of the club preferably involves ownership of, or regular access to, a Porsche vehicle; however, the Committee will at its discretion permit Porsche enthusiasts to join the club who do not presently own a Porsche vehicle.

Partners are covered under a single membership (partners also have their own separate voting rights).

You will be asked to provide information on yourself and your vehicle as a condition of joining the Club. We appreciate that your privcay is important, and we do not share your information with third parties.

The Porsche Club Canberra is governed by a constitution agreed to by the members. In joining the Club, you agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Club. If you would like to view the constitution, please use the link on the right hand side of the page.

If you'd like more information on the Club, or joining the club, head to the contacts page.



Porsche Club Canberra is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers, elected annually at the AGM. Details of the curent club committee can be found at the following link. You'll need to be a registered member to see this page.


Monthly Carpark and Cruise

PCC has regular drive meets (we don't tend to hold traditional club meetings as such), usually on the first Sunday each month. Have a look at the events calendar to see when the next event is happening. Please do not hesitate to come and say hello, or better yet, sign Up!

Social Events

The club runs a varitey of social events, some specifically for members, while others are open to all. These can range from track days, social outings and family friendly events. For more information refer to the events calendar.


Benefits of being a member

Being a financial club member entitles you to:

  • a 10% discount on parts and servicing costs at Porsche Centre Canberra
  • a 10% discount on purchases of Porsche merchandise at the Porsche Centre Canberra
  • access to Historic Vehicle Registration in the ACT (see below)
  • Access to overseas Porsche related activites - such as the Porsche Museum.
  • Access to CAMS consistent with the affilliation membership held by the club

For most of these, simply presenting your Club Membership Card will be sufficient. From 2023 the club is operating an 'opt in' process for membership cards to avoid wastage of cards that are otherwise not required by members. Once you join the club, you can use the form here to request a membership card (you will need to login to the club website to access this form).


Vintage, Veteran and Historic vehicle registration in the ACT

Porsche Club Canberra, affiliated with the Council of ACT Car Clubs, can support your application for concessional registration of an older Porsche (vehicles aged 30 years and older are eligible).  Under the scheme, annual registration costs are significantly reduced, but usage of the vehicle is restricted. PCC members with concessional registration are entitled, however, to use their vehicle for official PCC events. All events listed in the Events Calendar on this website are official events for the purposes of historic registration.

Information on the scheme is available at Access Canberra, and more information is here

If you have other classic vehicles as well as a Porsche you can also have those authorised for historic registration by PCC.

To be eligible, you must maintain financial membership of the club for as long as you own a vehicle with historic registration.  For more information, contact the club secretary at